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Pixelbook Go gains a few extra years of software support from Google

In another quiet move by Google, the Pixelbook Go will receive software support until June 2029. The original end date was June 2025. I really like that Google is providing additional years of support for their older devices. The move is also interesting because last year Google announced that Chromebooks made in the last couple of years will receive 10 years of software updates, however, the Pixelbook Go was released in 2019. Not sure how well software will run on the device but I plan on seeing how this machine holds up until then. Check out the screenshot below with the new update schedule.

Chrome OS was kind of disappointing in 2021

  The headline does not tell the whole story so give me a chance to explain. I'll start off by saying this. Chrome OS is my preferred computing operating system and I only use Chrome OS as my personal computing platform. I like how simple it is to use and how reliable it has become. When I'm using Chrome OS I feel like this is the future of computing. With that out of the way, let's get into the topic at hand. Chrome OS has been evolving over the past few years and things have really picked up the last two. By far, Chrome OS is changing faster than any other desktop operating system, and to be honest, it has to. Of the major desktop OSs, Chrome OS is the least mature thus necessitating the need to adopt new and existing features found on other OSs. This is not entirely Chrome OS fault as the more mature desktop OSs had a twenty or thirty-year head start. Even with that, I believe Chrome OS is in a good place but things have slowed down quite a bit. I'm sure things are b

Chrome OS Feature Spotlight | Tote

  Google has a way of coming out with features you didn't know you needed. Well, Google has done it again with Tote. Tote is a new feature Google released earlier this year in March when Chrome OS turned 10 years old. Google describes Tote as a new holding space that makes it easy for you to find the right file fast. You’ll have quick access to recent downloads, recent screen captures, and any files that you’ve decided to pin. Tote will pop up on your Shelf as soon as you take a screen capture, download a file or pin a file. It's been only a few months but Tote has proven to be very useful and helpful for me. It allows me to keep things organized and quickly access files I may need for a project I am working on. You can also pin items to the Tote for those times you may need to grab often. Speaking of grabbing. You can click and drag items from the Tote to a document you’re working on or to an area to upload a file. I mean this thing is genius.  Tote can hold all types of files

Chrome OS is updating its release cycle to be even more frequent just like Chrome

  Not quite the announcement I was hoping for but Google announced today that Chrome OS will adopt a 4-week update cycle like Chrome. This is a bold move, in my opinion, however, it's a move I really like. This allows for Google to iterate even faster and push the bounds of what's possible on its desktop/mobile OS.  More on the release from Google below… To deliver new features more rapidly to consumers while also continuing to prioritize the key pillars of Chrome OS – security, stability, speed and simplicity – Chrome OS will move to a 4-week stable channel starting with M96 in Q4. For enterprise and education users, Chrome OS will also introduce a new channel with a 6-month update cadence by M96. More details to be announced soon. With the change taking effect with Chrome OS 96 the Chrome OS team decided to skip M95. My guess, skipping M95 will give Google time to get things nice and tight before forging down this new path of OS update rhythm.. Again... Although this was not

What does Google have planned for Chrome OS in 2021?

  Earlier this year Google announced changes pertaining to Chrome, the browser where updates will be more frequent. Instead of the usual 6-week update cycle, Chrome will be adopting a 4-week update for most major releases. Which is great as I like to see new features as much as anyone else. However, Google was really vague on news for Chrome OS and stated more will be announced later in the year. Then Hiroshi of Google tweeted the following… Now, I usually don't pay attention to these kinds of tweets but to have this mentioned recently with the news from earlier this year, how can I not think something big is happening this year. The article that Hiroshi retweeted doesn't allude to anything about future plans so there is really nothing for us to cling to at the moment. I have no idea of what's to come but I am really excited to hear what's next for Chrome OS. If Google was to do something big to Chrome OS I believe this would be the year. With the platform turning 10 ye

Google releases a little more helpful Chrome OS 90

  After a major release where several new features were introduced in Chrome OS 89 Google released a less feature rich Chrome OS 90. I still enjoy a good OS update and tend to like whatever is new. There are still some goodies in this release and the details can be found below. The answers you need, one tap away You might already use your Launcher to search your Drive, your apps, local files, Google and more – all from one place. Now it can also be your go-to for simple calculations, looking up the weather, or checking a word definition or stock price. Just tap the Everything Button and type “weather” or your math question into the search bar, and the result will automatically pop up. So you’ll quickly find out whether you need a sweater for your mid-afternoon walk, or what 42 times 96 is. There’s no need to open another Chrome browser tab or app to quickly get the answers you need. Troubleshooting at your fingertips Technology is great when it works well, but when it doesn’t, it can b

A YouTube Music Android app like the Google Photos Android app on Chromebooks would be pretty sweet

  If the Google Photos Android app on Chrome OS is any indication of Android apps future on Chromebooks I would say things are trending in the right direction. The Google Photos app just about mirrors what's available on the web except for some differences here and there. But the Android app of Google Photos offers offline support and you can even upload as well. Unfortunately, the Youtube Music app is a far cry from the Google Photos on capability and fit and finish. There is no uploading support and the only notable feature compared to the Youtube Music web app is the ability to cast on the Android app. In short, the YouTube Music Android app is an Android tablet that is not bad but is not quite ready for Chrome OS.  Google may have something if they can update the Youtube Music Android app to function as the Google Photos. But don't stop there, add this capability, look and feel to all of your first-party apps and set the standard for developers on the platform. Compose for

Google's Chrome OS turns 10 and receives a huge update to celebrate

  It may be hard to believe but Chrome OS is turning 10 years old. I was somewhat of an earlier adopter going all-in on the lightweight OS back in 2015. Chrome OS has come along, to say the least, and I look forward to Chrome OS maturing over the next decade.  With Chrome OS turning 10 today, Google decided to drop an update packed with a bunch of features. Check out what’s new below in the latest OS update. Directly control your Android phone Using your Chromebook, and your phone is out of reach? With Phone Hub, you now have a built-in control center that brings key capabilities from your Android phone to your Chromebook. See the tabs that you last opened on your phone, check your phone’s battery life and cellular signal and even respond to messages, all from your Chromebook. To set up Phone Hub, click the Phone Link symbol on your Shelf. Get online faster with Wi-Fi Sync We've expanded Wi-Fi Sync to work with more devices, making it easier to get online. Your Chromebook can autom

Google is switching things up with Chrome/Chrome OS releases

  Google has something brewing this year for sure. I'm merely speculating but this announcement today may seem insignificant now however could be more meaningful later this year. For Chrome, Google is moving away from a six-week update cycle to a four-week update cycle. This means features will be released quicker along with Google maintaining its 2-week releases for fixes and patches.  As for Chrome OS, Google is a bit vaguer and more news will be shared later this year. For now, all we know is that Chrome OS will receive multiple stable releases but nothing more specific was mentioned. Again we should learn more later this year but it sounds to me that Chrome OS will be on a different release cycle than Chrome. More feature releases? One could hope. Alex Mineer from Google says: For more than a decade, Chrome has shipped a new milestone every 6 weeks, delivering security, stability, speed and simplicity to our users and the web. As we have improved our testing and release process

Google releases Chrome OS 88 today

  I tend to look forward to these updates. Cool thing is that they come every six weeks or so. Check out some of the highlights Google mentioned in their blog post. Faster and easier web sign-in - Now you can securely sign in to websites with the PIN or fingerprint you’ve set up to unlock your Chromebook with our new Web Authentication (WebAuthn) feature. Lock screen enhancements with a Screen saver - You can use your lock screen to check information like the current weather and what music is playing; you’ll also be able to pause a track or skip songs without unlocking your device. Link(s) Google