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Pixel Rules rule | Google's unsung feature on Pixel devices

If you are a Pixel user, you know that Google has a ton of features available on their Pixel smartphones. Some may say that Google has the smartest smartphone and I definitely fall into that camp. But there is one feature that I rely on and is very useful that does not get much attention and that's Rules. Rules are not the easiest feature to discover but the functionality is worth the search.  For the uninitiated, Rules is a feature that enables your smartphone to take certain actions automatically when connecting to a specific Wifi network or when you enter into a specific location. Once set up you can turn on DND, set the phone to silent, vibrate, or ring. Very basic but the use case is very handy especially for someone like me that frequently forgets to set my phone to vibrate when I get to work. I've been that guy that phone rings during meetings. The other cool thing is that Rules removes said Rule you set up when you leave the location or disconnect from the Wifi network.

A week in with the Pixel 6 Stormy Black edition

I've been living with the Pixel 6 for a week and so far I like what Google has put together with the smartphone. Things are similar to the Pixel 5 I am upgrading from with some nice additions from a software perspective. However, things are different in a big way and I do mean big when it comes to the hardware. The phone is big and heavy but in a premium feeling way. This is quite different as the Pixel 5 was light and not so premium-feeling especially with that plastic feeling back.  That's my initial thoughts of the device. I believe Google was intentional with not only changing the software with Android 12 and Material You but wanted to pair that with changing the hardware in a significant way. This is not the Nexus or even Pixel of old. This is a new start for Google and if you have a Pixel 6 you know what I mean. At the heart of it all is Google Tensor, Google's first in-house smartphone chip. I'll touch on this in another post. But I would say that Tensor is the r

Unboxing | Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6

My wife was really sweet to let me unbox her Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6. This thing looks pretty sweet and I kinda wish I went with this color. As always I went with black or Stormy Black in the case of this year's color name. Google really stepped things up this year with an excellent build and awesome new colors.  Check out the video for the unboxing 

Pixel 5 vs Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro Case Size Comparison

When Google first announced the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro I thought for sure I was going to go with the Pixel 6 just based on size alone but that was until I got my hand on these cases. I tend to favor smaller Pixel's because of the ease of use and the pocketability. This year I think I am going to step out of my comfort zone and get the 6 Pro.  Some pics... And a video...

Google teases Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

  Last Monday, Google teased the Pixel 6 and yes the Pixel 6 Pro. I prefer the XL nomenclature but that's neither here nor there. Pixel 6 series sports a radical new design that's reminiscent of the Nexus 6P with the rear camera system stretching all the way across the back of the device. The Pixel 6 will be all Google inside and out with the company also announcing Google Tensor their own in-house chip.  This year's Pixel release seems to be a re-boot of some sort. All-new design, new camera system all powered by their in-house chip. Google says we'll see improvements to existing AI/ML features along with some new ones. Details are non-existent on specs but I didn't expect to hear that now anyway. Google has to save something for the big reveal, right? With the Pixel 6 series, it feels like Google is hitting its stride with its hardware division, to me. It's been a long time coming and with Android 12 just around the corner, I can see a major shift tilting in G