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Google delivers a feature drop but for devices running Android

  Today, Google announced six new features will be coming this summer to devices running Android. Now, if you know Google these features will roll out over time and will be hitting Android devices over the coming days, weeks, and months. Hopefully, the pace of the roll-out is not too long as there are some pretty cool things they mentioned in their blog post. More details on the announcement below. 1. Android Earthquake Alerts System is rolling out globally Last year, we embarked on a mission to build the world’s largest earthquake detection network, based on technology built into Android devices. With this free system, people in affected areas can get alerts seconds before an earthquake hits, giving you advance notice in case you need to seek safety. We recently launched the Android Earthquake Alerts System in New Zealand and Greece. Today, we’re introducing the Android Earthquake Alerts System in Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbek