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Android 12 beta 2 is here with some new goodies and in near final form

The second beta of Android 12 is here with more features turned on that are expected to be in the final release such as the color theming. More on Beta 2 can be found below. I think I’m going to wait for Beta 3 before I put it on my Pixel 5 but I am very tempted. Privacy Dashboard - We’ve added a Privacy Dashboard to give users better visibility over the data that apps are accessing. The dashboard offers a simple and clear timeline view of all recent app accesses to microphone, camera, and location.  Mic and camera indicators - We’ve added indicators to the status bar to let users know when apps are using the device camera or microphone. Users can go to Quick Settings to see which apps are accessing their camera or microphone data and manage permissions if needed. Microphone & camera toggles - We’ve added Quick Settings toggles on supported devices that make it easy for users to instantly disable app access to the microphone and camera. When the toggles are turned off, an app acce