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This is how manually updating your Pixel Buds-A Series earbuds will look

  Last week, Google announced that a firmware update was on its way to your Pixel Buds A-Series earbuds. Today, I received said update and decided to use the manual method since it's a new feature for the earbuds.  Once your Pixel Buds A are ready to update to the new firmware you will be greeted with a notification. Selecting the notification will bring you to the above image.  Pressing Start will send you to the above-pictured screen reminding you to ensure to snap in your earbuds and keep your case open. The light will be on during the update. Selecting Got it will start the download and then will install. I noticed that the light on the case blinked white and orange during the download. Turned white during the installation and the light turned off about halfway through the process. Updating the earbuds was fairly smooth but not without its faults. The update did complete for me but I was still provided with the above message. I double-checked in settings and... Voila... There