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My favorite tech in 2021

  2021 was a less interesting year in tech than I originally thought it would be, however, that doesn't mean that it was a bad year. For Google, in particular, I believe they have laid the groundwork to have an even better 2022 hardware year than in 2021 with the advancements they made in software development. Think Jetpack Compose. The following are some items I purchased in 2021 or was released in 2021. First up we have is probably my favorite device for 2021 and that's the Pixel 6. A clear upgrade over the Pixel 5 with a gorgeous all-new design, upgraded cameras, and a whole new UI called Material You. Google really went for it this year and it seemed to have worked out for them with the phone being mostly unavailable to buy. Although the Pixel 6 is not perfect I believe Google is moving in the right direction with design and software. After introducing their first pair of truly wireless earbuds in 2020 Google followed up the Pixel Buds with an awesome entry-level pair of ea

JBL Tour One | After 3 weeks of use

I've been using the JBL Tour One's for 3 weeks or so and there is definitely a lot here to like. It's not all good though because the regular price is a bit expensive if I am being honest. Check out the video for my thoughts and experience with the headphones thus far. Specs/Features 50hrs of battery life 25hrs of battery with ANC on Adaptive Noise Cancellation Ambient Aware and Talk Thru JBL Pro Sound with Hi-Res audio 4-mic technology

Nokia T20 | My thoughts after a couple of weeks (Video)

Nokia has been making some really good Android phones for a little while now and decided to do the same with Android tablets. I've been using the Nokia T20 for a couple of weeks now and I find it to be a solid budget option. It's not all good though. Check out the video for more

Samsung Tab S7 | Long term review (Video)

With the Samsung Tab S8 just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to share my thoughts and experience with the Samsung Tab S7. Samsung got so much right with the Tab S7 but I do have some nitpicks. Check out the video for more

Nokia T20 | First look

I recently purchased the Nokia T20 and had no real expectations going in. I did some light research on Youtube so I kind of knew what to expect. What I didn't anticipate was enjoying the tablet as much as I have thus far. The performance is solid aside from the occasional jank in the UI. Speaking of the UI, it's as stock Android as one can get today, and to be honest that's my preference.  For a budget tablet under $250, I can already tell this thing is pretty legit. Let's chop this up and talk about a few things I've noticed so far. Display The display is good say for a couple quirks that took me a little bit to get used to. For instance, the screen looks really blue to me. Fortunately, there is an adjustment in settings that can make the display a little warmer, not much though. Off angles are good, however, things do get a little dim. This is definitely not a Samsung display. Outside of that, I must say that the display meets my needs. Colors are nice and saturat