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Pixelbook Go is no longer available on the Google Store

  Google has finally done it and removed the Pixelbook Go from the Google Store. There was no formal announcement and one can only assume that the device that was originally released in 2019 is now discontinued. It's not clear what the future holds for the Pixelbook line but I really do hope there is another Google laptop in the pipeline. With no rumors to go off of that's all we really have right now, hope. 

Bellroy Lite Sacoche | First look at Bellroy's newest crossbody

I was somewhat in the market for a new smaller bag. Well maybe not in the market but in the mood for something new. In any event, I came across this crossbody on the Bellroy website and was intrigued with the look and the smallish size. Decided to pick it up and it came in at a whopping $60. Not bad but not exactly cheap either.  Now here we are, I got the new Bellroy bag and I definitely have some thoughts. Check out the video for more on my initial thoughts on the Bellroy Lite Sacoche.

Pixel Buds Pro | My time with Google's most premium earbuds

The Pixel Buds Pro have been on the market just over a year and I have owned a pair since they first launched. In short, the Pixel Buds Pro are my favorite Google earbuds to date. Probably my favorite ear buds to date too. Google got so much right with these ear buds. From the design to the ANC to the Transparency mode feature the Pixel Buds Pro are good at all of these features just to name a few. Check the video for my thoughts and experience after a year with Google's top tier ear buds.

Sony WHCH720N review | My time with Sony's top tier mid-range headphones

Sony's latest mid-range headphones are quite good but not perfect. They definitely get the job done with ANC and transparency in terms of features. The price is also a good look as well with the value that's being made available in relation to those features. Check out the video for more on my thoughts and experience with Sony's 720N. 

Speck Magfolio case for the Pixel Tablet | Not quite what I expected

Third party accessories for Pixel devices are not as prevalent and plentiful as I would like but things may not be this way for long. Speck has come out with a Magfolio case for the Pixel Tablet. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with the Pixel accessories market because these devices by Google deserve more options for its users.

Google Pixel Tablet case review | The one to get

Google has come a long way with accessories and this case for the Pixel Tablet is probably the best of them all. From its design to its premium materials the first party case from Google is pretty awesome to say the least. It's not all good though. The price of the Pixel Tablet case can be shocking for some. Check out the video for my overall thoughts and what I think about the price. Also, take a look at my initial thoughts of the Pixel Tablet case.

How to factory reset the Sony WH-CH720N

In this video I quickly show you how to reset the Sony WH-CH720N. Really simple and straightforward. Check out the video for more.

Bellroy Lite Daypack | The backpack for all day trips

The lightest backpack I ever used is also one of the toughest and most durable too. In this video, I give you a tour of Bellroy's Lite Daypack and how it may fit into your life. So far I have enjoyed the backpack and it has become my go to long trip companion. Check out the video for more.