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Made by Google device wish list for 2021

  There’s no doubt Google-made devices are coming this year, we just don't know when exactly. Although if we look at Google's history we can point to the fall for their main product releases. Since we know devices are coming I started to recently think about what I want to see. Like a wishlist of Made by Google devices that I can persuade Google to create these would be it. But first, let's quickly see what we expect to see this fall. Based on rumors we should see... Pixel 6 . This is the one device Google will make no matter what as it is the primary way Google introduces the newest version of Android to the world. The interesting thing is that Google is making its own chip for the smartphone. The design is to be radically different based on recent reports along with upgraded cameras. Pixel Watch. With Google introducing a new version of Wear OS I don't think they should take the chance of putting that responsibility on another OEM. For this reason alone I think this