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Speck Magfolio case for the Pixel Tablet | Not quite what I expected

Third party accessories for Pixel devices are not as prevalent and plentiful as I would like but things may not be this way for long. Speck has come out with a Magfolio case for the Pixel Tablet. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with the Pixel accessories market because these devices by Google deserve more options for its users.

Google Pixel Tablet case review | The one to get

Google has come a long way with accessories and this case for the Pixel Tablet is probably the best of them all. From its design to its premium materials the first party case from Google is pretty awesome to say the least. It's not all good though. The price of the Pixel Tablet case can be shocking for some. Check out the video for my overall thoughts and what I think about the price. Also, take a look at my initial thoughts of the Pixel Tablet case.