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Google drops new Pixel features in the June Security Patch

  Once a quarter or every 3 months Google drops some pretty dope features for us, Pixel users. June is Pixel feature drop time and Google did not skimp on features this time around even though they’re hard at work on the next version of Android. Check out what's new below. I can tell you right now I will be using the new astro-video feature and what they added to Gboard looks like it will be a useful time-saver. Pixel owners love using astrophotography in Night Sight to take incredible photos of the night sky, and now it's getting even better. You can now create videos of the stars moving across the sky all during the same exposure. Once you take a photo in Night Sight, both the photo and video will be saved in your camera roll. Try waiting longer to capture even more of the stars in your video. This feature is available on Pixel 4 and newer phones. For photos and videos that need a little extra privacy — like pictures of an upcoming gift for a loved one, or screenshots of your