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Comparing the JBL Live 460NC to the JBL Tune 660NC

I'm a huge JBL fan and have been looking at their ANC headphone offerings as of late. The Live 460NC are great if you are looking for a feature rich set of ANC headphones with pretty good sound quality. However, if you are looking for a basic set of ANC headphones that get a lot right the JBL Tune 660NC might be the headphones for you. Check out the video for my thoughts and the ANC headphones I prefer.

JBL Tune 660NC | Impressions after one week

 The JBL Tune 660NC surprised me in a way that I did not think was possible with a budget set of headphones. I mean these things are solid in the areas that really matter with a set of headphones. Lets talk about some aspects of the noise cancelling headphones I find important to point out.   Build quality Overall, I feel the Tune 660NC are well built and shows no signs of creaking. The speaker driver handled music at high volumes without distorting and I found the buttons to be clicky and well placed for easy usage. However, all is not good as I also found the headphones to feel cheap and that's probably due to the low grade materials being used. Well built with cheap materials is fine in my book for a budget set of headphones. Design The design is pretty basic but I do find the headphones to be attractive looking. The matte black is a nice touch but can get fingerprints on them quite easily.  Comfort There is not much padding around the head band so I do not recommend the Tune 66

JBL Endurance Peak ll | Long term review

I spent about 8 months or so with the JBL Endurance Peak ll and I have some thoughts. Sport earbuds were not my thing until I decided to try these out.  My daily drivers are the Pixel Buds A but I wanted something dedicated for those times I am active. Though not perfect, I can honestly say that I do like these sport earbuds overall. Great battery life, comfortable fit, and good-sounding music immediately come to mind.  Check out the video for more

A week in with the Pixel 6 Stormy Black edition

I've been living with the Pixel 6 for a week and so far I like what Google has put together with the smartphone. Things are similar to the Pixel 5 I am upgrading from with some nice additions from a software perspective. However, things are different in a big way and I do mean big when it comes to the hardware. The phone is big and heavy but in a premium feeling way. This is quite different as the Pixel 5 was light and not so premium-feeling especially with that plastic feeling back.  That's my initial thoughts of the device. I believe Google was intentional with not only changing the software with Android 12 and Material You but wanted to pair that with changing the hardware in a significant way. This is not the Nexus or even Pixel of old. This is a new start for Google and if you have a Pixel 6 you know what I mean. At the heart of it all is Google Tensor, Google's first in-house smartphone chip. I'll touch on this in another post. But I would say that Tensor is the r

Unboxing | Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6

My wife was really sweet to let me unbox her Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6. This thing looks pretty sweet and I kinda wish I went with this color. As always I went with black or Stormy Black in the case of this year's color name. Google really stepped things up this year with an excellent build and awesome new colors.  Check out the video for the unboxing 

Fossil Gen 6 is not the smartwatch for me right now

Man oh man do I wish Fossil would have waited to launch the Fossil Gen 6 with Wear OS 3. Although the product is not bad by any means it's just not worth its current asking price of $300. Without giving it all away at once let's unpack the Fossil Gen 6. Design/Build The design is great. I like that Fossil typically puts stainless steel in its smartwatch products and the Gen 6 is no different. The outer edge of the bezel is jagged but looks subtle. The Gens 6 itself is not thick and it does have a little heft to it compared to my Fossil Gen 5. This heft adds to the premium look and feel. On the bottom where the sensors are housed, there is one additional sensor. Probably for the Blood Oxygen readings. Processor We have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+. This chip enables speedy performance but not all that faster than my Gen 5. I noticed that apps do, however, download much faster. I would also say performance is more consistent and faster overall than the Gen 5. With the Gen 5 perf