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Google TV is Google's new killer app

  I've been using Google TV on the new Chromecast w/Google TV and been enjoying it. On its surface, the Google TV app is no different from any similar service. It suggests content and some of the suggested movies and shows are based on your watch history. But Google sets itself apart with the best organization of content and where those recommendations are coming from on any app or service. At least for me! Here is a couple of stand out features that would be hard not to have. On the TV Google TV as far as I can tell is about the same on the new Chromecast, however, there is one section I have yet to find in the Android app and that's Trending on Google . Here you will find are the most searched shows on Google and relevant to the streaming services you use. I found so many movies I forgot were coming out or never watched and found interesting. Pandemic much. The list of movies and shows in the section have some paid content but is still based on your interest. Please bring thi

These three features would make the Chromecast w/Google TV just about perfect!

I've been the happy owner of the Chromecast/Google TV for about two months now and have some thoughts. After using it the first day I knew right away this was the streaming device for me. First I noticed how fast and fluid the UI was. Then the content-based suggestions caught my eye with how well so many movies and tv shows were tailored to what I would enjoy. Once I started downloading apps and found that just about every streaming service is available I was even more excited but will get to that in my final review. These are the features that will make the Chromecast w/Google TV perfect for me.  Multi-user support Maybe not in a traditional sense where a user logs in and only see the apps they downloaded. I'm thinking more surface level where content-based suggestions live. Right now only movies and tv shows I'm into are being shown. This would be fine if I lived alone but I'm married and have two children and my interest aren't necessarily theirs. I'm also a