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Fitbit Charge 5 or wait for the Pixel Watch

This past week Google and Fitbit announced a pretty sweet-looking Charge 5 with some great features to boot. I like what Fitbit has to offer with this device but I couldn't help but think about what is Google going to do this year. Is a Pixel Watch coming in the Fall? What features will it have? I feel like I am in limbo with what I am going to do here. Let me explain... Currently, I am using a Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch and it gets the job done, for the most part. However, as of late the Fossil watch has been prone to show its age and things just don't work as well as it has before. Also, with Wear OS 3 here there is really no future with the Gen 5 smartwatch I have as it will not receive the update. Now, this brings me to my debacle. It's rumored that Google will have a Pixel Watch this year and that would be my preferred choice but there is no real evidence out there. So... Do I wait or go with an option from Fitbit. I tend to favor watches or smarwatches in this day and a

Apparently Google is making a Pixel Watch

  Infamous leaker, Jon Prosser has a scoop and it's about Google's upcoming Pixel Watch. Details are light but Prosser did share some images. I’m really looking forward to what Google can bring to the table with AI and ML in a watch form factor. And lets not forget that Google has been killing it with design for a while now. I'm hoping these are real and fall can’t come fast enough. Check out the images below. Images courtesy of Jon Prosser Link(s) Prosser