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Google teases Google Tensor

Last week, Google teased that the Pixel 6 series will be the first devices to sport their new in-house chip, Google Tensor. The announcement focused on Google's AI and ML prowess and how Tensor will help in these areas and push the bounds of what's possible in a modern-day smartphone. In the blog post, Google touts advancement in computational photography and also mentions the Titan M2 security chip for even greater security.  Details are light on the CPU and GPU on the new SOC but I am sure we will hear more about that when the Pixel 6 and  Pixel 6 Pro are announced this fall. I'm excited for what's to come and Google gave me just enough to more than peak my interest. It looks like the Pixel 6 series will be quite the shift of what we are used to seeing from Google and Google Tensor is at the heart of that. Source Google Tensor