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The awesome Samsung Tab S7 for Android enthusiasts

  So, I ve been using the Samsung Tab S7 for nearly 6 months now and I really like it. The display and build quality exceeded my expectations. The software experience is good but will go in detail later in the blog post. Can't say enough good things about this tablet but more on that as we go on.  I usually steer clear of premium tablets but wanted something that worked well in the Android sphere. There is no Google offering so I tried a few before settling on the Tab S7. First there was the Onn/Walmart tablet. Super cheap and man did it look and perform that way. Then there were a couple of Lenovo tablets but I ran into an issue with both where certain streaming apps did not work properly. A black screen would play instead of video. From there, I broaden my Android tablet search with my willingness to spend more money. Next tablet I tried was the Samsung S6 Lite and found this tablet to meet most of my needs. The performance was a little underwhelming but was good with it overall.