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A YouTube Music Android app like the Google Photos Android app on Chromebooks would be pretty sweet

  If the Google Photos Android app on Chrome OS is any indication of Android apps future on Chromebooks I would say things are trending in the right direction. The Google Photos app just about mirrors what's available on the web except for some differences here and there. But the Android app of Google Photos offers offline support and you can even upload as well. Unfortunately, the Youtube Music app is a far cry from the Google Photos on capability and fit and finish. There is no uploading support and the only notable feature compared to the Youtube Music web app is the ability to cast on the Android app. In short, the YouTube Music Android app is an Android tablet that is not bad but is not quite ready for Chrome OS.  Google may have something if they can update the Youtube Music Android app to function as the Google Photos. But don't stop there, add this capability, look and feel to all of your first-party apps and set the standard for developers on the platform. Compose for