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Pixel Rules rule | Google's unsung feature on Pixel devices

If you are a Pixel user, you know that Google has a ton of features available on their Pixel smartphones. Some may say that Google has the smartest smartphone and I definitely fall into that camp. But there is one feature that I rely on and is very useful that does not get much attention and that's Rules. Rules are not the easiest feature to discover but the functionality is worth the search.  For the uninitiated, Rules is a feature that enables your smartphone to take certain actions automatically when connecting to a specific Wifi network or when you enter into a specific location. Once set up you can turn on DND, set the phone to silent, vibrate, or ring. Very basic but the use case is very handy especially for someone like me that frequently forgets to set my phone to vibrate when I get to work. I've been that guy that phone rings during meetings. The other cool thing is that Rules removes said Rule you set up when you leave the location or disconnect from the Wifi network.