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I need this re-imagined YouTube Android app on my tablet, now!

I came across this concept Youtube app on Google's own Material Design Twitter page and fell in love with it instantly. The app looks very modern and seems to be more functional or at least as functional. The navigation rail is on the left making it easier to dive into other menus on larger screens. Up next is on the right just like it always has and I would assume live chat and maybe even the description would appear as an overlay when selected in the same area.  But that's only half of the story. With Android 12L and beyond the OS will be more adaptable and will be able to adjust to the size of the display or in this case type of display. Here we have a foldable and the YT app splits in half to take advantage of the device being folded. I believe the idea here is to keep the content front and center while making the other touch elements more accessible for the form factor.  Google, can we get this now, please?  

Nokia T20 review | The perfect content consumption Android tablet

I get it. Specs do not always tell the complete story when it comes to electronic devices and that is definitely true with the Nokia T20 tablet. The T20 comes with a processor I never heard of and toughened glass for the display. Does not spark any confidence whatsoever in the tablet but I am glad that I gave the T20 a shot. While not having mainstream specs the Nokia T20 is definitely worth a look. Without diving too deep let's take a look at the Nokia T20. The display is where all the action takes place. It gets pretty bright at 400 nits and features a 2k display. For a budget tablet, I find it to be more than adequate for me. Although not perfect as the screen has a very blue hue to it, however, that issue can be nearly corrected in settings by making the display a bit warmer. The one big drawback is that most content does not output to 2k or even 1080p with Netflix and Prime Video being the two video providers not supporting the higher resolution. Battery life is awesome. I get

Nokia T20 | My thoughts after a couple of weeks (Video)

Nokia has been making some really good Android phones for a little while now and decided to do the same with Android tablets. I've been using the Nokia T20 for a couple of weeks now and I find it to be a solid budget option. It's not all good though. Check out the video for more

Samsung Tab S7 | Long term review (Video)

With the Samsung Tab S8 just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to share my thoughts and experience with the Samsung Tab S7. Samsung got so much right with the Tab S7 but I do have some nitpicks. Check out the video for more

Nokia T20 | First look

I recently purchased the Nokia T20 and had no real expectations going in. I did some light research on Youtube so I kind of knew what to expect. What I didn't anticipate was enjoying the tablet as much as I have thus far. The performance is solid aside from the occasional jank in the UI. Speaking of the UI, it's as stock Android as one can get today, and to be honest that's my preference.  For a budget tablet under $250, I can already tell this thing is pretty legit. Let's chop this up and talk about a few things I've noticed so far. Display The display is good say for a couple quirks that took me a little bit to get used to. For instance, the screen looks really blue to me. Fortunately, there is an adjustment in settings that can make the display a little warmer, not much though. Off angles are good, however, things do get a little dim. This is definitely not a Samsung display. Outside of that, I must say that the display meets my needs. Colors are nice and saturat

The awesome Samsung Tab S7 for Android enthusiasts

  So, I ve been using the Samsung Tab S7 for nearly 6 months now and I really like it. The display and build quality exceeded my expectations. The software experience is good but will go in detail later in the blog post. Can't say enough good things about this tablet but more on that as we go on.  I usually steer clear of premium tablets but wanted something that worked well in the Android sphere. There is no Google offering so I tried a few before settling on the Tab S7. First there was the Onn/Walmart tablet. Super cheap and man did it look and perform that way. Then there were a couple of Lenovo tablets but I ran into an issue with both where certain streaming apps did not work properly. A black screen would play instead of video. From there, I broaden my Android tablet search with my willingness to spend more money. Next tablet I tried was the Samsung S6 Lite and found this tablet to meet most of my needs. The performance was a little underwhelming but was good with it overall.