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Nest Hub (gen 2) | Shorty review

  The Nest Hub gen 2 smart display is not that different from its predecessor and that's okay. Where Google made improvements and the addition of sleep tracking makes this device a worthy upgrade. Let's jump right in and talk about it! Starting with the display . It's very good and ideal for photos and screensavers. Video looks good as well, keeping things nice and crispy. Also, the glass goes edge to edge making it easier to clean and keeping unwanted particles. Moving on to sound . This was an area where Google needed to improve and they did just that. Music gets nice and loud with more noticeable bass than the gen 1 model. Vocals come through too so listening to podcasts became a little easier without the need to turn things all the way.  The last things I want to mention are the software and performance . There is a processor update but unfortunately, it does not feel like it. Things can get laggy at times when interacting with the display but it does not hinder the exp