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Next gen Google Pixel Buds may be around the corner

  Technically the next Pixel Buds will be Google’s 3rd generation of the product. The OG Pixel Buds debuted in 2017 followed up by the current buds in 2019. I’m excited for what's to come but don't expect anything groundbreaking this time around. My guess is that we’ll see a more refined version of the current Pixel Buds and build on the things they got right. If I'm being honest the Pixel Buds 2 can be a bit buggy and had a rocky start at launch. In my experience, Google has mostly ironed out the issue however there are times when an issue pops up. Here’s to better internals with the 3rd gen model that can take full advantage of the software. See image for the FCC listing discovered today.  Image via FCC