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A week in with the Pixel 6 Stormy Black edition

I've been living with the Pixel 6 for a week and so far I like what Google has put together with the smartphone. Things are similar to the Pixel 5 I am upgrading from with some nice additions from a software perspective. However, things are different in a big way and I do mean big when it comes to the hardware. The phone is big and heavy but in a premium feeling way. This is quite different as the Pixel 5 was light and not so premium-feeling especially with that plastic feeling back.  That's my initial thoughts of the device. I believe Google was intentional with not only changing the software with Android 12 and Material You but wanted to pair that with changing the hardware in a significant way. This is not the Nexus or even Pixel of old. This is a new start for Google and if you have a Pixel 6 you know what I mean. At the heart of it all is Google Tensor, Google's first in-house smartphone chip. I'll touch on this in another post. But I would say that Tensor is the r