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Google quietly updates the Pixelbook Go to Android 13 with ChromeOS 123

  Google continues to support the Pixelbook Go and recently updated the near 5 year old laptop to Android 13 with the newly released ChromeOS 123. The update is not user facing as one may expect but I did notice more apps with animated splash screens and sweet app open effects. Also, I believe the per app language feature may be tied to the Android 13 update. Performance of the laptop since the update has been very similar to the previous Android version. This is a win in my book. With ChromeOS 123 other features were released. Check out what's new below along with a screenshot of the new Android version. Customizing keyboard shortcuts Using shortcuts boosts productivity, and we all have our favorites. In ChromeOS 123, with shortcut customization, you will be able to assign your preferred key combination to personalize your shortcuts. Whether you want them to be easier to do with one hand, simpler to remember, or identical to the ones you're familiar with, this feature will si

Chrome OS is updating its release cycle to be even more frequent just like Chrome

  Not quite the announcement I was hoping for but Google announced today that Chrome OS will adopt a 4-week update cycle like Chrome. This is a bold move, in my opinion, however, it's a move I really like. This allows for Google to iterate even faster and push the bounds of what's possible on its desktop/mobile OS.  More on the release from Google below… To deliver new features more rapidly to consumers while also continuing to prioritize the key pillars of Chrome OS – security, stability, speed and simplicity – Chrome OS will move to a 4-week stable channel starting with M96 in Q4. For enterprise and education users, Chrome OS will also introduce a new channel with a 6-month update cadence by M96. More details to be announced soon. With the change taking effect with Chrome OS 96 the Chrome OS team decided to skip M95. My guess, skipping M95 will give Google time to get things nice and tight before forging down this new path of OS update rhythm.. Again... Although this was not

Google release Chrome OS 91 with some rather useful features

I look forward to Chrome OS updates as they tend to come fast and furious. Maybe not so furious but more helpful and this release is no different. The feature I’ve been looking forward to for a while now is available in Nearby Share. Nearby Share is a handy feature that allows you to share files between devices. It's been available on Android for a minute now and I'm glad to see it finally available on Chrome OS making the feature even more useful for us users. Check out more on the update below. Share files fast with Nearby Share With Nearby Share, quickly and securely share files between your Chromebook and other Chrome OS or Android devices. You’ll be able to send and receive without giving your contact details, so your information and files stay private. Get started by going to your Settings Search key icon and toggling “Nearby Share” on. Get notified with app badges Check which of your apps need your attention with a glance. If you see a small circular badge on an app icon