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JBL Live 670NC Review (video)

Check out my video review of the JBL Live 670NC. The headphones are really good but not perfect. In my video I cover it all from the design to the features and everything in between. 

JBL Live 670NC Review | JBLs latest mid tier headphones for 2024

About a week ago I purchased the JBL Live 670NCs and went in with no real expectations. I had experience with JBL headphones in the past but for some reason I went into this purchase with a blank slate. Off the back the 670NCs were very familiar to me. I owned the JBL Live 460NCs which are the predecessor to these and the design is nearly identical. I don't think this is a bad thing as I tend to like JBLs design language. The body is made of a light weight plastic but feels well made. The headband and side clamps feel like it could be made with metal as it feels strong and cool to the touch. I went with black and the finish is matte which is a nice touch. Fingerprints do appear on the headphones there just not as noticeable. The buttons on the right side of the ear cup are nice and click-y. Type C for charging is on the left side.  Now, lets get into the nitty gritty.  Sound This is very subjective but overall I like the sound the Live 670NCs produce. Bass is heavy while keeping a

JBLs best sounding headphones might surprise you

When it comes to JBL and headphones you immediately think of great sound. I would even debate that all of JBLs headphones sound good to a certain extent. However, JBL best sounding headphones are not their most expensive offering and that really surprised me. Check the video for my thoughts and what I think JBL best sounding headphones are. You might be surprised too.

JBL Tour One review | A solid premium headphone option for 2022?

The JBL Tour One is JBL's high-end headphones for 2021. I got them for a really good deal during Black Friday this past November and I've been using them ever since. The headphones are very stylish and feel premium. Though not perfect the JBL Tour One headphones can compete with the best headphones on the market in 2022. Build I find the build to be excellent with soft-touch material. It feels like metal but it's too soft to the touch so it's probably polycarbonate. There is no creaking and the Tour One's have proven to be very durable thus far. The included case also helps with that. The earcups are very comfortable while providing plenty of cushion. Top part of the band also features an equally comfortable amount of padding that just adds to the comfort.  Sound The headphones are from JBL so the sound is excellent, right? That's true to an extent. Let me explain. The highs are nice and bright and the Tour Ones does an excellent job with the range of sound. Mus

JBL Tour One | After 3 weeks of use

I've been using the JBL Tour One's for 3 weeks or so and there is definitely a lot here to like. It's not all good though because the regular price is a bit expensive if I am being honest. Check out the video for my thoughts and experience with the headphones thus far. Specs/Features 50hrs of battery life 25hrs of battery with ANC on Adaptive Noise Cancellation Ambient Aware and Talk Thru JBL Pro Sound with Hi-Res audio 4-mic technology

Comparing the JBL Live 460NC to the JBL Tune 660NC

I'm a huge JBL fan and have been looking at their ANC headphone offerings as of late. The Live 460NC are great if you are looking for a feature rich set of ANC headphones with pretty good sound quality. However, if you are looking for a basic set of ANC headphones that get a lot right the JBL Tune 660NC might be the headphones for you. Check out the video for my thoughts and the ANC headphones I prefer.

JBL Tune 660NC | Impressions after one week

 The JBL Tune 660NC surprised me in a way that I did not think was possible with a budget set of headphones. I mean these things are solid in the areas that really matter with a set of headphones. Lets talk about some aspects of the noise cancelling headphones I find important to point out.   Build quality Overall, I feel the Tune 660NC are well built and shows no signs of creaking. The speaker driver handled music at high volumes without distorting and I found the buttons to be clicky and well placed for easy usage. However, all is not good as I also found the headphones to feel cheap and that's probably due to the low grade materials being used. Well built with cheap materials is fine in my book for a budget set of headphones. Design The design is pretty basic but I do find the headphones to be attractive looking. The matte black is a nice touch but can get fingerprints on them quite easily.  Comfort There is not much padding around the head band so I do not recommend the Tune 66

JBL Endurance Peak ll | Long term review

I spent about 8 months or so with the JBL Endurance Peak ll and I have some thoughts. Sport earbuds were not my thing until I decided to try these out.  My daily drivers are the Pixel Buds A but I wanted something dedicated for those times I am active. Though not perfect, I can honestly say that I do like these sport earbuds overall. Great battery life, comfortable fit, and good-sounding music immediately come to mind.  Check out the video for more

JBL Endurance Peak 2 are my favorite workout headphones and its not even close

  Not that long ago I was looking for some workout earphones that would work well with my Pixel 5. I came across a few before deciding to go with these and the main selling point for me is Fast Pair. Fast Pair is what Google calls its nearby Bluetooth LE protocol that allows Android devices to communicate with. It also features account syncing, locating lost devices, and battery stats for each individual earbud and case. Forgive the tangent but this technology is pretty cool. So back to what I was saying. The earphones of course had to feature Fast Pair, have a good IP rating, sound good, and have the earhook design. The earhook design was not as important but I am glad that JBL made it for these earphones. In short, the Endurance Peak 2 delivered on everything I previously mentioned. It also has some pretty good touch controls where you skip tracks and turn the volume up or down. Cool features Powerhook is the earhook that also doubles as the on/off switch for each of the earbuds. Th

JBL Club 700BT | My favorite Google Assistant headphones

  I’m a huge fan of on-ear headphones and my go-to brand of choice tends to be JBL. Although, I do try other brands from time to time but I seem to go back to JBL.  JBL is known for great sounding products and the JBL Club 700BT are no different. Let's dive in. Design I favor simple but modern designs and JBL hits the mark here. The metal frame of the headphones makes it feel premium along with the well-made cushions for the head and ears. The cushions are not leather but they're very comfortable to wear. Even for those extra-long listening sessions.  Features The JBL Club 700BT features Hi-Res Audio and JBLs Pro Sound. The combination of these features creates very detailed sounding music with the clarity and bass you expect from JBL.  Speaking of bass, the Club 700BT features a bass boost button that's really not needed. It does provide extra oomph but it comes at the expense of clarity and details in the music. For those reasons, I keep the bass boost off. Besides, the d