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Google I/O '21 excitement

  I should probably put my expectations in check but I am already excited for Google I/O. With Google deciding to skip I/O altogether last year I guess there is some legit build-up for us that happen to be fans of their platforms. At least me... I will definitely be watching the keynote and starred a bunch of sessions and events just to see what's new.  If you’re interested I will have a list of what I have starred below. Things seem different this year but I assume all of the talks will also be available through the normal channels on Youtube. Well, hopefully… So why am I so excited I have no idea what’s coming besides the usual software updates for Android, Assistant and the like. But this year feels like the first time in a long time that Google is not in complete transition mode so we should see some pretty significant things as Sundar Pichai mentioned recently in Google’s earnings call. I won't speculate on what will be announced at I/O however I don't foresee any hard