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Pixelbook Go gains a few extra years of software support from Google

In another quiet move by Google, the Pixelbook Go will receive software support until June 2029. The original end date was June 2025. I really like that Google is providing additional years of support for their older devices. The move is also interesting because last year Google announced that Chromebooks made in the last couple of years will receive 10 years of software updates, however, the Pixelbook Go was released in 2019. Not sure how well software will run on the device but I plan on seeing how this machine holds up until then. Check out the screenshot below with the new update schedule.

Google quietly updates the Pixelbook Go to Android 13 with ChromeOS 123

  Google continues to support the Pixelbook Go and recently updated the near 5 year old laptop to Android 13 with the newly released ChromeOS 123. The update is not user facing as one may expect but I did notice more apps with animated splash screens and sweet app open effects. Also, I believe the per app language feature may be tied to the Android 13 update. Performance of the laptop since the update has been very similar to the previous Android version. This is a win in my book. With ChromeOS 123 other features were released. Check out what's new below along with a screenshot of the new Android version. Customizing keyboard shortcuts Using shortcuts boosts productivity, and we all have our favorites. In ChromeOS 123, with shortcut customization, you will be able to assign your preferred key combination to personalize your shortcuts. Whether you want them to be easier to do with one hand, simpler to remember, or identical to the ones you're familiar with, this feature will si

Pixelbook Go is no longer available on the Google Store

  Google has finally done it and removed the Pixelbook Go from the Google Store. There was no formal announcement and one can only assume that the device that was originally released in 2019 is now discontinued. It's not clear what the future holds for the Pixelbook line but I really do hope there is another Google laptop in the pipeline. With no rumors to go off of that's all we really have right now, hope. 

Pixelbook Go | My thoughts after 1 year

  I’ll start my review off by saying I am a Chromebook user and have been using a Chromebook as my only computing device since 2015. I'm used to the OS and it fits my lifestyle with no glaring issues. Although there are shortcomings with Chrome OS my focus for this blog post is the Pixelbook Go and my experience with it. Now with that out of the way, I will save you the trouble of reading all the way to the end just to know if I like it or not. The answer is NO. I absolutely LOVE it! It's my favorite Chromebook to date and I will go into detail on that in just a bit. But first a little history. My first Chromebook was the Toshiba Chromebook 2, followed by the Pixelbook, then the Pixel Slate, and last but not least the Pixelbook Go.  My experience with Chromebooks is pretty vast although my personal portfolio of devices is not that extensive and that's mostly due to me trying and ultimately returning a number of Chromebooks for a variety of reasons. The ones I owned are the