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These Google apps I hope get PWA support soon

With Chrome apps set to cease to exist in the near future on Chrome OS. Here are the Google apps I wish to get PWA support. Google Keep - My go-to notes app and offline support would be great. The Android app does the job but this is one app students such as myself can benefit from having an app built with Chrome OS on top of mind. This is one app I can see being improved with updates to the Android app. Google Calendar - Offline support was recently announced so I assume PWA support may be around the corner. Youtube Music - I'm not sure how likely it is for this app to have PWA support but it would be great. One issue off the back I can see is with offline support especially for those who wish to have music saved locally. My guess the Android app will receive better support on Chrome OS and a major makeover to match the web version.  To a lesser degree Gmail - Don't get me wrong PWA support would be dope but I’d be more interested in multi-account support similar to the Androi