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JBL Club 700BT | My favorite Google Assistant headphones

  I’m a huge fan of on-ear headphones and my go-to brand of choice tends to be JBL. Although, I do try other brands from time to time but I seem to go back to JBL.  JBL is known for great sounding products and the JBL Club 700BT are no different. Let's dive in. Design I favor simple but modern designs and JBL hits the mark here. The metal frame of the headphones makes it feel premium along with the well-made cushions for the head and ears. The cushions are not leather but they're very comfortable to wear. Even for those extra-long listening sessions.  Features The JBL Club 700BT features Hi-Res Audio and JBLs Pro Sound. The combination of these features creates very detailed sounding music with the clarity and bass you expect from JBL.  Speaking of bass, the Club 700BT features a bass boost button that's really not needed. It does provide extra oomph but it comes at the expense of clarity and details in the music. For those reasons, I keep the bass boost off. Besides, the d