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I need this re-imagined YouTube Android app on my tablet, now!

I came across this concept Youtube app on Google's own Material Design Twitter page and fell in love with it instantly. The app looks very modern and seems to be more functional or at least as functional. The navigation rail is on the left making it easier to dive into other menus on larger screens. Up next is on the right just like it always has and I would assume live chat and maybe even the description would appear as an overlay when selected in the same area.  But that's only half of the story. With Android 12L and beyond the OS will be more adaptable and will be able to adjust to the size of the display or in this case type of display. Here we have a foldable and the YT app splits in half to take advantage of the device being folded. I believe the idea here is to keep the content front and center while making the other touch elements more accessible for the form factor.  Google, can we get this now, please?  

Files by Google Android app gets improved tablet UI

 Hopefully, we will see more of Google's Android apps receive tablet optimizations.  With the introduction of Android 12L, Google has been focused on making better and more optimized apps for Android tablets and Chromebooks. I'm sure this has been in motion for some time but we are now starting to see the fruits of that labor. Earlier this year I noticed that the Google Podcast app received an update that better utilized the space with two rows instead of one podcast listing stretched across the screen. Now we're seeing the same thing with the Files app. Google is now using a navigation rail on the left side. Similar to the Google Photos Android app. This makes navigating Files by Google much easier and more importantly, the app is utilizing the space effectively. Elements in the app is not stretched across the screen creating a more aesthetically pleasing app to look at on a large screen and that's the goal with Android 12L. The tablet UI improvement can also be seen w

Google apps on Android that desperately need updating (Early 2022)

  Google does a really good job of updating their own apps on Android and that's exactly the reason why I must point out the apps that have been somewhat neglected. Now, I'm not saying that Google has not updated these apps, however, the apps I am pointing out don't seem to fit with what they're doing from a design perspective so they tend to stick out like a sore thumb. I use all of the apps I will be mentioning on a near-daily basis. First up we have Find My Device. FMD is a handy app that allows you to track your devices, secure a device and play a sound so you can more easily find said device. Now the problem with FMD is that it looks very dated. There are no rounded corners or Material You support. Also, it has that green bar at the top. Why? Additionally, Google has not added new features in recent history. Personally, I would like to see my Chromebook in the list of devices and support for dark theme. Next up we have YT Studio. The YT Studio app is an app for con