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Fossil Gen 6 is not the smartwatch for me right now

Man oh man do I wish Fossil would have waited to launch the Fossil Gen 6 with Wear OS 3. Although the product is not bad by any means it's just not worth its current asking price of $300. Without giving it all away at once let's unpack the Fossil Gen 6. Design/Build The design is great. I like that Fossil typically puts stainless steel in its smartwatch products and the Gen 6 is no different. The outer edge of the bezel is jagged but looks subtle. The Gens 6 itself is not thick and it does have a little heft to it compared to my Fossil Gen 5. This heft adds to the premium look and feel. On the bottom where the sensors are housed, there is one additional sensor. Probably for the Blood Oxygen readings. Processor We have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100+. This chip enables speedy performance but not all that faster than my Gen 5. I noticed that apps do, however, download much faster. I would also say performance is more consistent and faster overall than the Gen 5. With the Gen 5 perf

Unboxing | Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch

Since there is no Pixel Watch I went with the Fossil Gen 6 knowing there were some positives and one huge drawback. It's running Google's Wear OS 2. To be honest, it was a tough sell for me knowing there is a newer version of Wear OS already out there. The fortunate thing is that it will see Wear OS 3 in a future update just not for months which does suck. In the meantime, there is the new Youtube Music app and Gboard we can play with for now. Check out the video for the unboxing and stick around the website for more coverage.

Wear OS gets Gboard and I'm digging it

  Sometimes the smallest of updates can make an impact on the user experience and that's what Google did today when they announced Gboard for Wear OS. It's very similar to what we had previously. You can swipe but Google also took time to add more features including emoji support right from the keyboard. Check out more below. Type effortlessly with Gboard With the new Gboard on Wear OS, it’s now a breeze to reply to a text, search for new apps on Google Play, and enter your passwords using the watch. We’re excited to share with you our favorite new features: Message the way you want to: Gboard supports multiple input methods so you can communicate whichever way you like. Text using the QWERTY keyboard and gesture input, or use voice input for a hands-free approach. And when things just can’t be expressed in words, the integrated emoji palette comes in handy. Enhanced suggestions and corrections: Scrollable word suggestions provide more options when you’re texting, so you can fi

Wear OS update coming this Spring along with new Tiles

  This week Google announced the availability of Jetpack Tiles library that's currently in alpha. With this announcement, Google slid in that a platform update will be available this Spring in parallel with new custom Tiles. I for one, like Tiles over opening full-blown apps as key information is displayed without the need to open an app and waiting for it to load.  Google also shared what I expect are some mock-ups of new custom Tiles. From the looks of it, we may see a redesign of the Workout and Calendar Tiles. What stands out to me is a bigger font and a design that's more in line with Android 11 and 12. New Tiles we could see are Favorites, Steps, and Music. Of what's new I would love to see a music Tile for Youtube Music.  For more on this check out the link below. Link(s) Google