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Chromecast w/Google TV

The 2020 Chromecast is the successor to the Chromecast Ultra that was released in the fall of 2016. Unlike the previous model, the 2020 Chromecast features a remote with the Google Assistant built-in. Specs are on par with what you would find in a modern-day streamer. A full list of the specs can be found at the end of this blog post. My experience So far so good. Performance is excellent and moving through the UI is fast and fluid. Suggestions powered by Google TV seem to be pretty accurate for me and I even discovered some content I probably would not have found otherwise.  Improvements The one glaring flaw with the new Chromecast is proper multi-user support. Although I enjoy having the home-screen tailored to me my wife does not get the same experience as my Google account is the one logged in. It's believed this feature is on Google’s roadmap and I for one is looking forward to this being implemented in the future.  Conclusion At $50 you won't find a better streaming devic