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Bellroy Lite Sacoche | First look at Bellroy's newest crossbody

I was somewhat in the market for a new smaller bag. Well maybe not in the market but in the mood for something new. In any event, I came across this crossbody on the Bellroy website and was intrigued with the look and the smallish size. Decided to pick it up and it came in at a whopping $60. Not bad but not exactly cheap either.  Now here we are, I got the new Bellroy bag and I definitely have some thoughts. Check out the video for more on my initial thoughts on the Bellroy Lite Sacoche.

Pixel Buds Pro | My time with Google's most premium earbuds

The Pixel Buds Pro have been on the market just over a year and I have owned a pair since they first launched. In short, the Pixel Buds Pro are my favorite Google earbuds to date. Probably my favorite ear buds to date too. Google got so much right with these ear buds. From the design to the ANC to the Transparency mode feature the Pixel Buds Pro are good at all of these features just to name a few. Check the video for my thoughts and experience after a year with Google's top tier ear buds.