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Chrome OS Feature Spotlight | Tote

  Google has a way of coming out with features you didn't know you needed. Well, Google has done it again with Tote. Tote is a new feature Google released earlier this year in March when Chrome OS turned 10 years old. Google describes Tote as a new holding space that makes it easy for you to find the right file fast. You’ll have quick access to recent downloads, recent screen captures, and any files that you’ve decided to pin. Tote will pop up on your Shelf as soon as you take a screen capture, download a file or pin a file. It's been only a few months but Tote has proven to be very useful and helpful for me. It allows me to keep things organized and quickly access files I may need for a project I am working on. You can also pin items to the Tote for those times you may need to grab often. Speaking of grabbing. You can click and drag items from the Tote to a document you’re working on or to an area to upload a file. I mean this thing is genius.  Tote can hold all types of files