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Chrome OS was kind of disappointing in 2021

  The headline does not tell the whole story so give me a chance to explain. I'll start off by saying this. Chrome OS is my preferred computing operating system and I only use Chrome OS as my personal computing platform. I like how simple it is to use and how reliable it has become. When I'm using Chrome OS I feel like this is the future of computing. With that out of the way, let's get into the topic at hand. Chrome OS has been evolving over the past few years and things have really picked up the last two. By far, Chrome OS is changing faster than any other desktop operating system, and to be honest, it has to. Of the major desktop OSs, Chrome OS is the least mature thus necessitating the need to adopt new and existing features found on other OSs. This is not entirely Chrome OS fault as the more mature desktop OSs had a twenty or thirty-year head start. Even with that, I believe Chrome OS is in a good place but things have slowed down quite a bit. I'm sure things are b

Pixel Rules rule | Google's unsung feature on Pixel devices

If you are a Pixel user, you know that Google has a ton of features available on their Pixel smartphones. Some may say that Google has the smartest smartphone and I definitely fall into that camp. But there is one feature that I rely on and is very useful that does not get much attention and that's Rules. Rules are not the easiest feature to discover but the functionality is worth the search.  For the uninitiated, Rules is a feature that enables your smartphone to take certain actions automatically when connecting to a specific Wifi network or when you enter into a specific location. Once set up you can turn on DND, set the phone to silent, vibrate, or ring. Very basic but the use case is very handy especially for someone like me that frequently forgets to set my phone to vibrate when I get to work. I've been that guy that phone rings during meetings. The other cool thing is that Rules removes said Rule you set up when you leave the location or disconnect from the Wifi network.

Nokia T20 review | The perfect content consumption Android tablet

I get it. Specs do not always tell the complete story when it comes to electronic devices and that is definitely true with the Nokia T20 tablet. The T20 comes with a processor I never heard of and toughened glass for the display. Does not spark any confidence whatsoever in the tablet but I am glad that I gave the T20 a shot. While not having mainstream specs the Nokia T20 is definitely worth a look. Without diving too deep let's take a look at the Nokia T20. The display is where all the action takes place. It gets pretty bright at 400 nits and features a 2k display. For a budget tablet, I find it to be more than adequate for me. Although not perfect as the screen has a very blue hue to it, however, that issue can be nearly corrected in settings by making the display a bit warmer. The one big drawback is that most content does not output to 2k or even 1080p with Netflix and Prime Video being the two video providers not supporting the higher resolution. Battery life is awesome. I get