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Fuchsia OS is now running on my first gen Nest Hub

  Yesterday, when I was doing a little cleaning, minding my own business, I noticed that the OG Nest Hub in my kid's room was rebooting and installing an update. But this did not seem like the average update due to the amount of time it was taking. I knew the update was significant and it was most likely Fuchsia. Google somewhat announced on Twitter last month that Fuchsia OS would be rolling out to the first-gen Nest Hub over the coming weeks and months. Everything looks exactly the same and you probably would not be able to tell if your Nest Hub received the update and I believe that's the point. Google has been working on Fuchsia for quite a while now and this is the first device to run the OS in the wild. Google does not tout any performance gains, however, the Nest Hub seems to be more responsive and smoother when navigating the UI with touch. I also noticed faster loading times when launching videos on Youtube or my Nest cameras. It's not every day a major tech firm l

Google's newest OS lands first in an unlikely device

  This week, Google sort of announced on Twitter that they are rolling out their brand new OS (Fuchsia) to the OG Nest Hub from 2018. The overall look and feel will be the same, although I am hoping for a boost in performance. The update can be yours if you join the Preview program and wait for the update to push to your device. For the uninitiated, Fuchsia is an open-source capability-based operating system developed from the ground up by Google. The project has been in development for years (since 2016) and is finally making its way to a consumer device. There have also been rumblings that Google will eventually bring the OS to phones, tablets, and laptops.  From the looks of it Google is just getting started with the new OS and I am eager to see where we can see Fuchsia next. I don't expect Google to talk about any plans for Fuchsia’s future until IO next year. I think Google has big plans for Fuchsia. We just might have to wait for a bit to see their end goal.