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Why I am waiting for Google's Android tracker


Now this is not a dig at Pebblebee or Chipolo. I believe their initial offerings are about what I was expecting. The specs are very similar although at first glance the Pebblebee seems to be a slightly better option to me. I suggest anyone that's interested in an Android tracker check out each product page for each manufacturer for themselves. 

I buried the lead a bit. This past week Google finally announced their Android Find My Device Network is now rolling out to Android users in the US and Canada with global expansion later. With the Android FMDN users will be able to locate their phones, earbuds, headphones and tablets with the help of Android devices contributing to the network. In some cases users will be able to find their lost devices even with them powered off. The Pixel 8/8 Pro will support this feature. 

With that, the reason why I am waiting to see if Google is making an Android tracker is simple. I want to see if they're going to incorporate Ultra Wide Band chips in their version for more precise device tacking. The Pixel 8 Pro has a UWB chip and it's not being used for that much right now. This is a much lower barrier of entry due to the suspected cost alone. There is also the chance that Google may add their own special sauce and have a feature the other devices won't have.

Hopefully we will hear something at IO in the next few weeks. What about you? Tell me what your plans are in the comments section.


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