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I recently switched to Google Fi and this is my experience in 2022

I've been with T-Mobile for 10 plus years and lived through a few data breaches. Unfortunately, one of the latest breaches got my information out there on the dark web. To say the least, I was not happy. I've been getting calls that I never received before and I even received a notice that my SSN was out there as well amongst other personal identifiable information. T-Mobile tried to make things right and sign those up who were impacted for a credit monitoring service for free for the next two years but that did not seem enough for me. So, I started looking at other cell phone providers in the US. 

I'll save time and say that AT&T and Verizon seem way too expensive for me so I went with Google Fi. At the time I signed up 2 lines for $128 dollars per month. This was about the same amount I was paying so I was mostly fine with it. Although, I was hoping to save some money. I also like that I got the same features as I had with T-Mobile. The main ones being unlimited talk, text, data, and mobile hotspot. 

From there, the only thing left to do was to set things up with the sim card and activate my account. Getting the two lines activated was relatively pain-free and did not require me to call anyone which is a plus in my book. As for the service, things work pretty well. My experience has been better than my wife's as she has encountered getting cell signals in areas that were not an issue before. This is mostly indoor areas at the mall or shopping centers. But that was in the first couple of days.

Over the course of the last month and an update or two later for our devices my wife and I have not come across any problems. Calls are loud and clear and seem to be better than when we were on T-Mobile. The cell signal also seems better and more consistent since the updates. By the way, we're both using Pixel 6s. I would not say Fi provides a better cell service than T-Mobile but they are right there, at least in the areas I frequent. 

Recently, Google updated its plans and made them cheaper while providing more data. This makes Google Fi more compelling for families in my opinion. With the revised plans I am now paying $80 dollars a month which is a pretty significant savings. I also still get everything I got before including hotspot but only 5GB which is more than enough for my needs. You also save more as you add lines so I can have 4 lines for the same amount I am paying now. This is for the Simply Unlimited plan, BTW.

All in all, I am impressed and very satisfied with Google Fi overall. I kinda wished I would have made the switch before. Maybe I would have avoided my PII being out there. Probably not though. If you're interested and live in the US I suggest you check it out.

Other tidbits
  • I don't mind the Google Fi app - did not like T-Mobile
  • Billing is easy to read - Unlike T-Mobile
  • Google Fi website is way better - better performing and easy to read
  • No benefits such as Nextflix with Fi


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